December is Hospice Awareness Month.  A large portion of the services we provide to clients are directed towards back-up care.  Specifically, CareStaf assists the greater DFW area Hospice providers with their continuous care service needs.  Continuous care services are an intergral part of the overall hospice spectrum of care.  CareStaf nurses providing this portion of hospice care are essential to the final days or hours of a persons life experience. We want to thank all of the CareStaf team who schedule and provide hands on hospice care to our communities hospice patients.  We know you enrich the families and patients envolved in hospice services.  We hope you all take away a sense of peace and pride knowing your knowledge, skills, and care truely make a difference.  CareStaf often provides back-up care for patients when they are no longer eligable for hospice care as set forth under government guidelines.  CareStaf fills this gap in care with Private Duty services.  Thank you for recomending our services to families and friends!